FIFA rules may make deals like Haaland’s illegal

FIFA rules may make deals like Haaland's illegal

FIFA rules may make deals like Haaland’s illegal

Erling Haaland’s transfer fee of ‘only’ £51 million appears to be a bargain when compared to many other deals, but the true cost is much higher. If FIFA’s laws change, though, agency payouts may be drastically cut.

The late Mino Raiola’s agency was expected to make £34 million alongside Haaland’s father Alfie-Inge Haaland, according to The Athletic. When you factor in Haaland junior’s remuneration, the overall cost is in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

The alleged FIFA law changes are targeted at reducing the amount of money that agents can gain from deals, with the most obvious headline being that agents will not be permitted to make more than 10% of the deal’s cost.

Jorge Mendes is a soccer agent who is also one of Europe’s most prominent figures.

According to Forbes, this will almost certainly lead to agents attempting to increase transfer fees in order to boost their commission.

Even with that in mind, any team would find it impossible to pay an agency the same amount. Agents will undoubtedly respond, and the adjustments will not go unnoticed. If FIFA had its way, the transfer market would be drastically altered.

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